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Image by Scott Graham

We are certified arborists with the capabilities of providing reports to your local government. We provide reports for pre construction and risk assessment that outlines the condition of your trees, which includes any diseases or pests that may be tampering with your trees health.

Residential Houses

Seasonal hedge and shrubs trimming are very important and crucial to your plants health. By trimming seasonally, it enhances the natural beauty of any woody plant and allows them to grow strong.

As arborists we pay attention to detail and want to give everyone a vibrant landscape.

Lumberjack Cutting Down Trees

We are specialized in removing dead, damaged, or dangerous trees safely to reduce the risk to your property and the people. We consider all possible options before making the decision to remove any plant or tree. Our goal is to keep trees healthy, however due to circumstances tree removal can be the best alternative for your landscape.

Stump Grinding

All trees have a root system underground and without properly removing the stump, it can cause harm to the soil and plants around it. Stumps are rotting wood which can cause mold growth and become a safety hazard to those around. At Wood Grain Tree Service we have partnered up with the best stumping services to ensure once we remove a tree, we remove its entirety and moving forward there will be no issues with your landscape. 

Gardening Shears

Pruning is essential in ensuring any tree or plant remains healthy. This service ensures the structure of any woody landscape plant remains strong and absorbs all nutrients, water and sunlight. With our experience, we are capable in providing all your pruning needs. 

Group Planting a Tree

As arborists, part of our job is to take care of our environment. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and other dangerous gasses and in return produces our atmosphere with oxygen. Our goal is to keep trees alive but also plant as many more trees as possible for our wildlife. 

With our experience and knowledge, we will carefully plant any tree or shrub of your choice but also guide to ensure you choose the right tree and plant it properly.


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